BBQ Pizza

This is one of the medic’s favourite barbeque meals that I make and has become the only way we make pizza in our house! It’s a little bit of a pain in the ass getting started and don’t be surprised if you screw it up the first few times (pro-tip: start with individual pizzas first, they’re easier to handle).

Fresh pizza dough (make your own or buy from the bakery section)
Pizza sauce of choice (we love Unico garlic and basil)
Dried oregano to taste
Your favourite pizza toppings
Olive oil
Mozzarella cheese, grated

Our toppings of choice are usually pepperoni, red onion and mushrooms. I also really like using barbequed chicken and barbeque sauce instead of pepperoni and pizza sauce, with the mushrooms and onion.

Start by flouring your counter and rolling out the pizza dough. This part is one of my least favourite parts. Trying to get the dough to stretch out into a nice, relatively symmetrical (I’m OCD like that) rectangle makes me want to throttle someone so sometimes I give up and go back to it after shredding the cheese or whatever. Once your dough is stretched, transfer it to a cookie sheet or big cutting board and set aside.

Through trial and error, I’ve discovered that I prefer to sautée my veggies prior to putting them on the pizza because the BBQ is really only capable of warming then through, not cooking them.


Assemble all your ingredients (toppings, shredded mozzarella, sauce, oregano and dough) somewhere close to your barbeque and pour a little oil into a bowl or mug.

If your barbeque has a removable upper rack, take it out and then heat the barbeque to medium. Once the grill is warm, take some folded up paper towel and dip it in your oil. Holding the paper towel with barbeque tongs, oil the grate of the barbeque (be careful of flare ups! Don’t soak the paper towel in oil and have water nearby just in case).


The next part is a two person job if you’re doing one big pizza as opposed to a few individual sized ones: transfer the dough to the grill (a real son of a bitch sometimes). I find it easiest to have my assistant hold the tray with the dough close to the grill and then I just kind of pick the dough up and throw it on the grill really quickly (before it has a chance to tear). Once the dough is on the grill you have about one minute to try and tug it into a shape you’re happy with, then just shut the lid and wait!

Dough likes to do this when you cook it on the barbeque:


You can pop the bubbles if you want but it doesn’t really matter. Once the dough starts to get some grill marks and colour, turn it 180 degrees (if your barbeque is big enough, otherwise, turn it as much as you can). Close the lid and let it continue cooking. Once the bottom is fully cooked, pull the dough off the grill, flip it cooked side up on your pan and turn the grill down to low.


Top your pizza with sauce, and sprinkle with oregano to taste, then add your veggies, cheese and meat.

Again with two people (or super carefully by yourself), transfer the now topped pizza back to the grill (oiled or not, it generally won’t stick and half the time I forget to oil it before putting the pizza back on). Close the lid and let the pizza cook. Keep checking on it and when you start to get grill marks, turn the pizza. It’s done when the dough is cooked through and your cheese is all melty 🙂


– J.


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