Fall 2.0 (aka I had leftover caramel spread)

So the medic told me that the local apples I’d bought at the grocery store were icky and a little mealy 😦 So I decided to turn them into apple sauce! This recipe is for my friends who went apple picking the other day (so jealous, since I was stuck in the hospital from the time the sun came up til it went down again that day). Going to have to go to the orchard near my place and pick up some good apples!

I had all the apples chopped and in the pot and I started pouring maple syrup into my measuring cup, thinking that would be a great way to sweeten my applesauce. Then when I opened the cupboard to get out a new bottle of syrup, I saw the leftover caramel from my muffins and decided caramel applesauce would be *amazing*!  So i poured the maple syrup back into the bottle and scraped the caramel into the pot!

Spiced Caramel Apple Sauce

6-8 medium apples, any variety, cored and roughly chopped

1/3 cup Grenache caramel spread

1.5 tsp cinnamon

2 shots Spicebox Pumpkin Spice Whiskey (or 3oz apple cider)


Put all ingredients in a pot, cover and turn on low. Let simmer until the apples break down and it starts to look like apple sauce. You can leave it a little chunky or use a potato masher to break up all the chunks for a smoother consistency. Peeling the apples is optional, I’m far too lazy to peel and chop apples, so I leave the skins on. I think mine was on low for about two hours; I just stirred it every now and then as I made dinner. When the medic came in from work,  he said the house smelled like pumpkin donuts! Enjoy my friends!


– J.


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