After a few months of Instagram-ing all the food I was proud of (and the countless “Can you email me the recipe please?!” requests) I have decided to cut out the middle-man and offer up step-by-step (and photo illustrated when I’m not too lazy) guide of how to cook and bake some of my favourite things.

Every cook has that day where they pull their slaved-over creation out of the oven, take one bite and says “Forget this; where’s the take-out menus?”. And that’s okay! I’ll be sure to share my own kitchen fails, so you all can learn from my mistakes. I encourage everyone to be adventerous in the kitchen! Who cares if it doesn’t turn out? You tried and you probably learned something. And don’t be afraid to deviate from a recipe – just because Rachael Ray or Jamie Oliver says you need to put parsley in something or that you need a tablespoon of chili powder, doesn’t mean you *HAVE* to put it in! Be brave! Leave it out or replace it with something you like better.

So browse around and please pardon my mouth, I’ll try to keep it PG-13…but sometimes only an F-bomb will suffice (especially after you’ve spent two hours working on grilled fish tacos, only to dump everything into the garbage and order pizza…shit happens guys, just try and have fun!)

– J.


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